Cupboard Factory 4.5kW 1300×2500mm CNC Wood Routing Machine for Sale in Machadodorp, Mpumalanga for sale

Cupboard Factory 4.5kW 1300×2500mm CNC Wood Routing
Cupboard Factory 4.5kW 1300×2500mm CNC Wood Routing
Cupboard Factory 4.5kW 1300×2500mm CNC Wood Routing
Cupboard Factory 4.5kW 1300×2500mm CNC Wood Routing

EasyRoute 1300×2500 High-Torque 4.5kW CNC Wood Router Complete Set, 380V, Water Cooled Spindle, Vacuum Table (New) SKU:R-1325V/45 for sale R169999
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The CNC Wood Routering Machine from Advanced Machinery is what you desire. One of the most looked for models presented by Advanced Machinery, it comes equipped with a vacuum table together with a sealing ring. It is trouble-free and convenient to use and has the potential to hold any scope material with the touch of a button. In fact, if you want to create furniture or any other whole wood work, all you need to do is manually adapt the tool and you are good to go. It is user friendly and is manufactured to give a impeccable finish to all your stock.
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Wood work can be a difficult and a prolonged operation, if you don't have the most suitable equipment. Don't you agree?
It comes with an efficient dust collection system which extracts all the dust that is produced in the process of engraving and cutting wood.
It has a manually centralized lubricating system. This means that you just need to push the lever after filling the oil tank. Making the maintenance of this machine easy.
The spindle is brushless and offers water cooling. You have the range of 4.5kW spindles for 1300×2500mm size work tables.
It utilises the ER collet system which is known to be the most widely used clamping system in the world. ER25 is the collect size deployed by this router. We also supply you four different collet sizes and adapters without any charge. That is without a doubt a bargain!
The driving motor is a High-Torque 1.8 degree stepper motor with a rated torque of 3.5 N-m.
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Advanced Machinery is focussed on CNC Machines, completely automatic and half-automatic machines with high precision and high output capacity. All our industry machines are for heavy usage, less downtime is ensured by quality products, overstocked parts and always available technicians. With the machine building blocks from worldwide, for example: machine chassis of China, Servo-Motors of Japan, CNC Modules of Taiwan, High Speed Spindles of Italy, precision Switches of German and Power Supply System of America, Advanced Machinery is capable of create world-class machines for the African continent. Please get more info from our company website #
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