Last call for this year! in Machadodorp, Mpumalanga for sale

Last call for this year!
Last call for this year!
Last call for this year!
Last call for this year!

Too motorize your bicycle or to obtain the complete Moped.
Due too the Xmas break, unfortunately the last day too have your orders in for Xmas, re delivery etc, is 18/12/2014. We re-open on 18 January 2015!
With kids going to varsity/college/technicon, it could be a strain on the family transport and the budget, re transport and fuel expenses.
Why not give this money saving gift too alleviate the problem, and save  It is a excellent and reliable alternative!
The solution is practical and you have various choices, to suit your purse.
Traffic congestion will not affect you, no parking problems, low maintenance and ideal for running too the shops/school or university and college, and the best is, you will be saving on your car’s wear and tear and lots on fuel.
At 50km/per litre what a pleasure!
With our engine kits, we present you with various options:
1. If you have a bicycle, we supply you the kit and you can install it yourself, or a friend.
2. We supply you a complete Moped, consisting of a new bicycle, install the kit for you and deliver it too your door, within 2-3 working days from date of order!
Kit comes with installation manual, and if installed according too the manual, you have a six months warranty!
Must be 16 years of age or older.
Who can gain?
Farmers, teachers, etc.
Office and factory workers.
University and college students.
Large estates for their security personnel.
Businesses delivering of medicine, pizzas, etc.
High school kids that is sixteen years and over.
Security personnel. (The police is utilizing this with great affect!)
Contact us now!
NB! It is a excellent Xmas gift, that will be USED!
Whatsapp:            072 188 9517
Skype:                 anton_saas